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Dr. Andrey Sokolov
Andrey Sokolov
Pediatrician, journalist, writer.

Authors and site experts:

Yuriy Kopanev.
Kopanev Yuriy
M.D. Pediatrician.

Larisa Kuzmenko.
Kuzmenko Larisa.
M.D. Professor.

Yevgeniy Dunayev.
Yevgeniy Dunayev.
PhD. Biologist. Researcher.

Tatiana Sokolova.
Sokolova Tatiana.
Educator. Writer.

Anna Drobinskaya.
Anna Drobinskaya.
PhD. Psychiatrist.

Mikhail Denisov.
Mikhail Denisov.
M.D. Professor.

Zaytsev Sergey.
Zaytsev Sergey
M.D. Neurologist.

Vladimir Baksheyev.
Vladimir Baksheyev
M.D. Cardiologist.

Melnik Vadim.
Melnik Vadim
M.D. Pediatrician. Immunologist.

Aleksey Krapivkin.
Krapivkin Aleksey.
M.D. Neuropathologist.

Yevgeniya Druzhkova.
Yevgeniya Druzhkova.

Valery Molostov.
Valery Molostov.
M.D. Neuropathologist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, vertebrologist.

Mikhail Gilyarov.
Mikhail Gilyarov
M.D. Professor. Cardiologist.

Yuri Kushel.
Kushel Yuri.
M.D. Doctor-neurosurgeon.

Andrey Kardanov.
Andrey Kardanov.
M.D. Professor. Traumatologist-orthopedist.

Denis Kovalov.
Denis Kovalov
M.D. Professor.

Zalina Plieva.
Plieva Zalina
M.D. Gynecologist.

Irina Repina.
Irina Repina.
M.D. Infectionist.

Vasiliy Kitsak.

M.D. Professor.

Evgeniy Mulik.
Mulik Evgeniy.
M.D. Urologist-andrologist.

Ilya Uchkin.
Uchkin Ilya.
M.D. Surgeon.

Nadezhda Soldatenkova.
Nadezhda Soldatenkova

Mikhail Rodinko.
Rodinko Mikhail.

Natalia Ter-Avanesova.
Natalia Ter-Avanesova

Anna Mikushevich.


Alan Gutiyev.
Alan Gutiyev
Andrologist. Urologist.

Mariya Malyarskaya.
Mariya Malyarskaya.

Mikhail Soviets.
Mikhail Soviets

Anna Koroleva.


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Editorial ethics.

Regulation on the principles of the editorial ethics of the scientific and practical gabr.org.

The gabr.org adheres to the principles and requirements of the following organizations:
Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers (ANRI) (http://rasep.ru)
Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) (publicationethics.org)
International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) (www.icmje.org)
The Council of Science Editors (CSE) (www.councilscienceeditors.org)
National Information Standards Organization (NISO) (www.niso.org/workrooms/piej)

Rights and responsibilities of the editorial board.

The editorial staff is fully responsible for any material published in the gabr.org, except for promotional and informational materials, and in connection with this, the editorial staff is responsible for observing ethical principles in relation to:
readers gabr.org;
authors of articles;
organizations sponsoring publication.

Editorial Responsibility to Readers.

- The editors guarantee readers that the information published gabr.org is reliable, unbiased and not biased by the interests of advertisers or other organizations.
- The editors provide readers with information about the authors of materials published gabr.org and about the institutions in which the study was conducted.
- The editors inform readers about the participation of commercial organizations and their role in conducting research or preparing publications and any other conflicts of interest that may affect the research results.
- The editorial office accepts comments and suggestions from readers to improve the quality gabr.org.
- The editorial board considers complaints about materials published gabr.org received from readers.
- If necessary, the editors publish clarifications.
- If errors are detected, the editorial board takes measures to correct or delete them.
- The editors are obliged to do everything possible to prevent compromise of intellectual and ethical standards by business interests.
- The editorial board gabr.org is not responsible for the content of advertising and information materials posted in the magazine, since they do not take part in the work of the editorial board.

Responsibility of the editorial board to the authors.

- The editorial board has the right to accept or reject articles for publication, based on the opinion of reviewers on the relevance, originality, reliability of the information contained in the article, its compliance with gabr.org theme and the principles of editorial ethics.
- Reviewing is carried out according to the article reviewing procedure adopted by the editorial office.
- Articles are accepted only if there are sufficient facts in favor of acceptance for publication and are rejected only if there are sufficient facts in favor of rejection.
- Editorial staff ensure that copyright is respected when considering an application for publication.
- The editors ensure the objectivity and impartiality of the work of reviewers, timely detecting cases of violations and taking measures to eliminate them.
- The editorial office did not accept an open review system, the editorial office ensures the anonymity of the reviewers' personalities.

Responsibility of the editorial board to the organizations sponsoring research and publications.

- The editorial office undertakes to publish information about commercial organizations that have supported the research or publication.

Rights and responsibilities of authors.

- Authors should understand that the article may be rejected if the following facts are discovered:
there is a violation of the principles of the "Declaration of Helsinki: Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects", approved by the World Medical Association.
- Authors are required to provide information on commercial organizations that supported the study or publication gabr.org and on any other conflicts of interest that may affect the content of the manuscript.