Scarcity and abundance

Destructive factors

From the book by Andrey Sokolov "Scarcity and abundance".

Destructive factors

Let's look at some of our feelings and emotions.

For example, envy.

Experiencing jealousy or anger does not increase the abundance in your life. Everything that happens is less good in the life of a person experiencing anger or envy.

It makes no sense to envy someone else's success, talent, and achievements from the point of view of personal scarcity and abundance. Just like chasing "prestige". Envy and anger towards another person, towards the successes of others (obvious or imaginary), do not increase any category on the personal chart of the envious person. So is it worth the effort. To expend energy, which means to create a deficit of strength in oneself.

It can be said that envy is just as useless, unconstructive, illusory and ephemeral for achieving satisfaction as "fashion."

In principle, this position can be extended to any negative emotion directed outward. In each case, this will lead to personal scarcity.

It will be much more constructive about yourself to find out which of your categories has a deficiency that caused this negative emotion and start working on eliminating this deficiency.

By creating scarcity around yourself, it is impossible to achieve abundance.

Psychologists and physiologists have now proven that praise and encouragement, i.e. creating an abundance of good is a much stronger incentive than punishment and deprivation.

Children who hear encouragement and praise will be much calmer and more responsive in an area of ​​abundant love. And children with a love deficit will demand attention, gifts, and throw tantrums in stores.

So if children are capricious, it means you need to increase the amount of love and care, and not go shopping or entertainment. Do not replace love with a surrogate. Understanding the real reason for whims and demands, you can create an atmosphere of love in the family without spending a penny on it.

The abundance and scarcity graph is a measuring tool. Like a tape measure or a thermometer. It provides clear answers to many complex questions.

After all, if we place evil on the left and good on the right, then it becomes clear that evil, both as a concept and as a phenomenon, is unnecessary. And the common cliche that good cannot exist without evil is an illusion. Evil is not a necessary component of life. Evil is a scarcity to be eliminated. Only an excess or deficit of good can exist and be measured. Evil is only a deficiency of good.

Poverty is a scarcity of wealth. Cold is a lack of heat. A bad mark in the exam is a lack of knowledge. Sadness is a lack of joy. These are all different categories: material, physical, intellectual, emotional. But these are just points on the scarcity and abundance graph. And by putting these points right, you can minimize problems in your life.

Likewise, you can look at many other categories. For example, hatred is simply a lack of empathy, understanding, tolerance. A lack of empathy leads to aggression, crime, chauvinism and war.