Scarcity and abundance

Scarcity and abundance (book)

From the book by Andrey Sokolov "Scarcity and abundance".


The purpose of the scarcity and abundance methodology is not to indicate specific steps and actions to reduce scarcity and achieve abundance. It is impossible to catch a fish that will suit everyone. Everyone loves a special fish. Scarcity and abundance is a fishing rod that anyone can use to fish their own fish. Of course, if you put in some effort.

But after all, a prescription written by a doctor does not lead to recovery. The recipe is the same rod. And in order to catch a fish called health, you need to go to the pharmacy, buy a medicine and take it as the doctor prescribed.

The reader can use this book to catch his goldfish. But you will need to do it yourself.


Scarcity and abundance

Control your destiny!

Personal chart of scarcity and abundance

Destructive factors


Interference. Deficit elimination.

Artificial deficits