The world and humans for students and their parents


From the book by Andrey Sokolov and Tatiana Sokolova "The world and humans for students and their parents".

Anxiety. How to help? "White screen" technique.

It is natural for a person to worry, plan, analyze his life.

Sometimes disturbing thoughts about the health of loved ones, thoughts about death, thoughts about school, thoughts of something negative begin to visit so often that a person risks plunging into depression.

At the same time, restless thoughts, like fear, protect us from stupid actions, protect our lives. But if the balance of the protective function of restless thoughts is disturbed, then negative thoughts begin to shackle the creative activity of a person.

Some people think that thought is material. Those. thinking about something "bad" we seem to attract this "bad". Perhaps they are right, perhaps not. But it is absolutely certain that by wasting energy on unproductive, unconstructive worry, we deprive ourselves of the energy, time and opportunity for calm logical analysis and any other productive activity. This means we reduce our efficiency. As a result, something really starts to happen "bad".

The “White Screen” technique allows you to clear your head from “bad” and depressive thoughts.

What is the White Screen Technique?

When you find yourself engaging in obsessive or just inappropriate, unproductive anxiety, you need to interrupt the flow of these thoughts.

There is a video on YouTube, where a psychologist, talking to a patient, tells him “Stop it!”

Many psychotherapeutic techniques, one way or another, also use this technique, like a reset button on a computer.

To interrupt negative thinking and anxiety, instead of saying to yourself “Stop it!” Imagine a white screen. Large white cinema screen, artist's white canvas, white sheet of paper. Immerse yourself in it mentally. See only white around you, like Neo trapped in Morphius's virtual simulator. The white screen will block all extraneous thoughts, interrupt negative anxiety. Your brain computer will restart.

In principle, this is enough. It is important to apply this technique when any thought arises that gives rise to anxiety and fears that block your will, block positive emotions and the ability to think and act logically and constructively.

The White Screen Technique can also help in setting goals and achieving them.

Once in a virtual, imaginary white space, imagine whatever you want. It is important to present the problem in an already solved form.

For example, the task is to cook dinner. Imagine that a set table appears in your white space and a created dinner is already on the plates. Or you need to write an essay - present sheets with an already written essay.

Difficulty doing your homework? Present your homework already completed on your white screen. This will help your brain find the best way to solve the problem. The solution will appear as if by itself, as an inspiration.

With the regular use of the White Screen technique, you can significantly reduce the level of anxiety, negative expectations, and increase your efficiency. This method is based on various meditation techniques, visualization techniques and neuro-linguistic programming, which makes the White Screen method very easy to perform and effective for solving many problems.