The world and humans for students and their parents

The world and humans for students and their parents

From the book by Andrey Sokolov and Tatiana Sokolova "The world and humans for students and their parents"

Illustrations: Akrolesta and Vladislava Sokolova


How did the planet Earth come about?

How did life come about?

How did people come about?

How did God come about?

How did religions come about?

Why are there wars?

How did the weapon appear?

How to end wars?

How did countries and states appear?

How did borders come about?

What is economics?

What is money?

What are good and evil?

What is morality, ethics, tolerance?



What is psychological abuse?

What is learned helplessness?

What is "the image of the enemy"?

What is cognitive dissonance?

What is criticism?

What is envy?

What is humility?


Losers and teapots


To be different


Majority and minority

Be like everyone else

Creativity, invention.


Grief and sorrow

Anxiety. How to help?





How do you learn to have sex?


Psychological safety rules


Dogmatic and analytical thinking



What are GMOs?

Human rights

The fate of the alpha males

People are different

People management.

Meaning of life


We wanted to write a book with answers. But it turned out to be a book with questions.

And the trick is that even the most intelligent scientists do not know the answer to some of these questions.

But the second trick is that you can know the world only by asking questions.

Asking, finding the answer and then asking yourself a new question.

This is how scientists study the world. This is how discoveries and inventions come about. This is how the world changes.

We tried to write this book honestly and call things and phenomena by their proper names.

People have come up with many ways to hide the truth. In safes, in tricky sentences, in incomprehensible words. Hide the truth under layers of lies or half-truths. And sometimes they hide the truth in the fires from books.

We were honest with you when we wrote this book. And you might not like it. This may not please your parents, friends, and teachers. True, like a good mirror, it reflects everything as it is. No ruffles, no retouching, no rose-colored glasses.

People, like the queen from the fairy tale about Snow White, really do not like it when the mirror actually tells them the truth.

But happiness cannot be built on lies. A false and rotten foundation will surely end in the destruction of the house. Lying always leads to disasters, troubles and loss of life.

But if you want to know how this world actually works, if you want to find out the truth and face many new interesting, difficult and exciting questions, then this book is for you. Read, be surprised, indignant, rejoice and be upset, get smarter and wiser, learn to see the root cause and consequences, and, of course, ask questions and look for your answers.

This book is about how this world, man, state came into being. About what surrounds a person in this world. About economics, love, morality, wars, religion, borders, money, good and evil, traditions, mistakes, competition, manipulation, sex, work, cooperation, freedom and choice. About the basic principles on which the human world is built.

In the book you will find several psychological techniques to improve your efficiency and improve yourself.

After all, before you start changing the world, you need to change yourself.

Some chapters may seem difficult to you. Do not worry. There are many adults who will not be able to master them. But we believe in you. We believe that you will cope with all the chapters and difficulties.

In the book, we mention various events, names and surnames, without revealing details. Otherwise the book would have been very thick. You can use the Internet and find out more about these people, events and facts, at least, for a start, from Wikipedia.

And if you want to change this world, then this book is for you.