The world and humans for students and their parents

What is humility?

From the book by Andrey Sokolov and Tatiana Sokolova "The world and humans for students and their parents".

What is humility?

How often do we hear from others that we need to be more modest? Do they follow their own advice, posting countless selfies and plates of their dinners on social media?

What is humility, is it a virtue or is it just another stereotype and manipulation?

One of the vocabularies defines a humble person as "restrained in discovering virtues." It turns out that a person can detect flaws, but no merit.

Imagine a world in which everyone exhibits the worst qualities. It will be a society of humble but very unhappy people.

The humble world is a world without actors, musicians, dancers, comedians. Without scientists and poets, without artists and teachers. A world without creativity. The world without mind.

Mind is virtue. And if everyone suddenly decides to become modest, then the world will be left without science and education. Without discoveries and inventions. Without universities and schools. After all, teachers are completely immodest to demonstrate their knowledge to students.

Another immodest virtue is beauty. This means that you will have to give up photo sessions, stop uploading photos on social networks, put on a burqa and close the beaches. Any stories about the sea, buying a new dress, or reading a book are all immodest.

By the way ... both women and men will have to wear a burqa and black dresses up to the toes.

What are people really trying to achieve when they urge us to be humble?

As a rule, the call “to be more modest” is just a demand to abandon the manifestations of your personality, talent, ability, skill, honesty, thought, frank expression.

In reality, the call to modesty could be easily rephrased - be invisible, merge with the crowd, keep your head down, become dust. This has nothing to do with modesty. More like manipulation.

By calling for modesty, manipulators want to gain power and force a person to behave in a way that suits them.

Wikipedia gives this definition of modesty - "not resisting the instructions of representatives of any form of government." This proves once again that people who call for modesty seek to subordinate a person to their will, to imprison them in a convenient framework.

The next time someone asks you to be more humble, give them back their indiscreet advice.