The world and humans for students and their parents


From the book by Andrey Sokolov and Tatiana Sokolova "The world and humans for students and their parents".


You can run the fastest. Or at least the fastest in the class. You can learn the best. You can constantly compete with someone and even get an Olympic gold medal by setting another record. For a year, two or ten years. And to know that sooner or later, your record will be broken, and someone else will become the fastest, smartest or strongest. And again to compete. And in the end, lose.

When competing with others, losing is inevitable. Victory is temporary.

But there is always a way to win. Always get better and stay the best. To do this, you just need to compete with yourself. Defeat yourself of yesterday. Doing what you did yesterday is a little better today. And tomorrow is a little better than today. Leaving no chance for itself yesterday to overtake itself today.

It's a lifelong competition. This competition can bring daily joy, victories and winnings. This is a competition where there is only a winner - yourself. And there is no loser, because yesterday and you yourself in this “yesterday” are in the past. And in "today" there is only one you - the champion of today. And tomorrow - again you are the champion of tomorrow.