The world and humans for students and their parents

Psychological safety rules

From the book by Andrey Sokolov and Tatiana Sokolova "The world and humans for students and their parents".

Psychological safety rules.

One of the basic rules of epidemiology - the science of the spread of diseases - says: in the event of a threat of infection, it is necessary to leave the focus of the spread of infection as soon as possible and isolate the healthy from contact with patients as much as possible. What is this rule about in relation to psychology and manipulation?

In the beginning, they say, there was a word. And psychologists now observe a huge number of negative, aggressive and malicious words. And words are like viruses. The problem begins with words, and sometimes ends with death.

Therefore, in order not to become infected with anger and aggression, it is necessary:

1. Stop producing anger and aggression yourself. The best place to start is by forbidding yourself to say or think anything evil.

2. Block access to aggression from outside - from TV, newspapers, radio, acquaintances, social networks, etc. Use the "off" button, "delete", the "ban" function and other available means.

3. Distance as much as possible from the aggressive person, news, messages. Like a flu epidemic. Just stop or minimize communication.

4. Contact with those infected with aggression is possible only in special protective clothing, similar to the anti-plague suit. And since such clothes have not yet been invented, then follow rules 1, 2 and 3 and take care of yourself and your family.

And for this, here are some more protective rules.

Psychological safety rule number one is the rule of emotion.

Listen, read, watch the news until the first emotion appears.

There was an emotion - to stop right away.

Psychological safety rule number two is the word rule.

Exclude words that have a negative connotation from the lexicon, correspondence, remarks.

Exclude surnames, i.e. names that have a negative connotation for you. It can be replaced by a letter, a nickname, "he who cannot be called", "the enemy of the human race" ...

Why is this so important?

“In the beginning was the word,” as it is written in the Bible. Any designer knows that first there is a thought, an image, a word, and then it materializes in an invention, creation.

So it is better to call and invoke peace, happiness, wealth, love, prosperity, good people, kindness.