The world and humans for students and their parents


From the book by Andrey Sokolov and Tatiana Sokolova "The world and humans for students and their parents".

What is envy?

Envy is the most destructive feeling. First of all, it destroys the person who is jealous. But others get it too. In severe cases, envy turns into bullying, hatred and leads to serious consequences, including murder. But in the first place, envy kills the personality (or, if you like, the soul). In fact, envy is the surest way to eliminate the personality and turn a person into a zombie.

Where does envy come from?

Since random traits rarely "survive" in nature, it is likely that envy was originally necessary for learning. Learning at the dawn of humanity was equal to survival. Learn to throw a spear like someone else, learn to make and maintain a fire like the best in the tribe. Transmission of genes from generation to generation was critically dependent on these skills. This was "white envy", envy in small doses, envy leading to the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

But time passed, humanity became differentiated, skills and knowledge became more and more, and even the most talented, assiduous and hardworking person did not have enough time to master everything that was possible. But the envy remained. And it became destructive.

Of course, not all. There are many people who have been able to translate the energy of envy of someone else's success into the energy of joy for the success of another. After all, someone's success improves the survival of the entire species.

For other people who have not been able to cope with their emotions and complexes, who cannot manage their lives, envy has acquired a self-destructive character.

Why is envy dangerous for the person who is jealous?

Like any emotion, envy either gives strength or takes away. An envious person loses his strength. Many small bombs explode in his brain, finding no way out and no solution, unable to break through the envy of creation and learning. A person spends his energy on envy and there is no longer any strength left for anything else.

In addition, manifestations of envy are an additional destructive element. And it manifests itself, including in words. A person who is jealous changes his vocabulary, saturating it with words with negative, degrading, evil meanings.

But who is hurt in the first place by these words? The most envious. To the one whom a person envies, his anger may not "reach", but it will certainly fall into himself. Words and energies do not make any difference which object to change. Both words and thoughts, born in the brain of an envious person, first of all begin to destroy his own brain. This effect has already been fairly well studied by neurophysiologists, psychologists and psychiatrists.

What to do? How to deal with envy?

The answer to this question is rather paradoxical. Keep on being jealous. Change only the vector of your thoughts, words, actions. Emotion vector. Learn to praise and encourage accomplishments, successes, deeds of others. Teach your brain to rejoice at the success of others. And this joy will give you strength for your personal achievements.