The world and humans for students and their parents

To be different

From the book by Andrey Sokolov and Tatiana Sokolova "The world and humans for students and their parents".

To be different

The most terrible thing is “to be different”, to be “not like everyone else”. For many centuries people have lived in tribes, villages, societies. It was difficult to survive alone, and often impossible. The person has always looked for support, help and approval. And this led to the fact that each individual person wanted to be the same as the people around him. Do what is customary, observe traditions and not go against the opinion of the majority.

But if you are reading this book, then you are already a little different, already a little "not like everyone else." After all, other people have not read this book. And if you have some kind of ability, talent, then you are also not like those who do not have such talent.

In fact, all people are different. No people are the same. All differ in appearance, color of eyes and hair, figure and voice. Everyone differs from each other in the books they read and the films they watched. And although school and television are trying to average and level people, all the same, each child has his own parents, not like the others. And they say different words. All people have slightly different abilities and hobbies. So the same people are a myth, no matter how the school would resist this, dressing everyone in the same uniform.

But let's take a look at successful people. On people whom "I want to become", whom "I want to be like". People who have achieved something in life or just become good people. After all, if you look at them in the categories “other” or “like everyone else,” it turns out that all our idols and people who want to imitate belong to the category of “others”. All of them are "not like everyone else."

All discoveries and inventions, all good books and pictures were created by people who were a little, and sometimes a lot, not like everyone else. Millionaires and stars also become people who do something differently.

So why let fear stop you from becoming “different” if that’s the path to success? If in fact - this is the way to the recognition of your achievements by "all".

Will this path be difficult? Certainly. New things are always accompanied by mistakes and bruises. On an uncharted path, there is always a chance to get a bump and twist your leg. But moving along the old road, you cannot open a new path, you cannot become different. You cannot become yourself. One can only remain impersonal "like everyone else."