The world and humans for students and their parents

How do you learn to have sex?

From the book by Andrey Sokolov and Tatiana Sokolova "The world and humans for students and their parents".

How do you learn to have sex?

Girls tend to study sex from romance novels.

But films and books romanticize sexual relationships, calling them love. This misleads inexperienced girls. Having learned from books, the young lady gets a terrible disappointment in real life. She often does not enjoy intimacy, as her expectations are not met.

Boys often use pornography as a teaching material. Porn films demonstrate the most overt and forbidden fantasies and teach that a woman should serve in bed.

Raised in romantic eroticism, the girl is not ready to be a geisha, she expects a man to please her desires. And young men expect something completely different. The result is partner dissatisfaction.

Can this be avoided? Yes, if you build honest trusting relationships.

Many problems arise from the fact that we are not taught to talk about sex. This topic has been taboo for a very long time. Even now, many are embarrassed to speak frankly about intimate relationships, do not know the medical names of body parts, do not know how a man and a woman work.

What should everyone know about sex?

1. The first rule is safety for life and health.

You need to be careful, remember about sexually transmitted diseases, domestic and other types of violence.

2. The body is your private property.

Any physical contact is allowed only with your consent. If you feel uncomfortable, you need to declare it and stop. It doesn't matter who encroaches on your body, a loved one or a little acquaintance. Nobody is given such rights. Any physical contact is only by consent.

3. Intimate relationships are the closeness of two mature whole people (not halves).

It is better to build such a relationship with a person whom you trust and who you like as a person.

4. Sexual relationships are not always about marriage, family and children.

Sometimes just to make each other feel good physically.

You need to be ready to completely naked in front of your partner. This should be someone whom you will not be ashamed of, and you can enjoy.

5. Intimate relationships should be pleasant.

If it hurts, you need to immediately tell your partner and adjust your actions.

The most important thing in sex is freedom and choice.

Each person decides for himself with whom to sleep, which type of sexual relations is acceptable and enjoyable for him, and which is not.

And what is carried out by mutual agreement and is acceptable to partners is the norm.