The world and humans for students and their parents


From the book by Andrey Sokolov and Tatiana Sokolova "The world and humans for students and their parents".


Sex has three main meanings.

The first, when viewed from the point of view of biology and evolution, is reproduction. People and animals mate, have sex in order to pass on their genes through inheritance. So that they have children and continue their race, passing on their personal genetic code.

The second meaning of sex is to get pleasure. This sense of sexual contacts is characteristic not only of humans, but also of many animals, including great apes, for example, the bonobos monkeys. Animals have sex to make up, to relieve stress, to show their good attitude, and just to have fun. Just like a person.

The third meaning of sex is dominance - to show "who is in charge here." And this version of sexual relations is also found not only in humans, but also in all apes, where the hierarchy is adopted. Where there is an alpha male, where fights constantly take place in order to find out who is the strongest, the most important, who has the right to all the best around.

People also often use sex as proof of dominance. This sense of sex in prisons is especially common. But in the wild it also happens.

So what happens? It turns out that sex and all its meanings appeared in humans and animals as a result of evolution and are inherited from generation to generation. That is, the need for sex for a person is the same innate feature as walking and the need for food. But throughout human history, we can find examples of how, by restricting or encouraging freedom movement, sexual intercourse, or eating, some people controlled and manipulated others.

Freedom of movement controls can be easily discovered in a prison when an overseer is deciding whether to allow a prisoner to go for a walk and look at the sky or not.

We can find control over freedom of movement at school when the teacher informs the class that during recess the class will not go anywhere, but will sit at desks as punishment for their behavior.

The management of satiety and hunger can be found in the history of the dark times of collectivization and the Gulag in the USSR or the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, when with the help of artificial hunger people were deliberately brought to the state of animals, ready to carry out any command for a piece of bread.

And the control of sex was invented by the ministers of religious cults. And for this they first of all declared sex a sin. Those. a deed not pleasing to God, the mouthpieces of whose will they have appointed themselves.

Thus, they turned the entire adult population into sinners.

And this brought good dividends to the ministers of the cult, i.e. material benefit - wealth.

Of course, in fact, the ministers of religious cults did not want people to stop having sex and, as a result, stop having children. After all, children are future adults who will also start having sex and will also come to clergymen to atone for sin. And at the same time, they will bring gifts, make a donation so that the minister of the cult will try better and beg God for a good afterlife for them.

This business, which quite falls under the article of fraud in the criminal codes of various countries, was borrowed from the clergy by some politicians. They did not frighten people with God, but accused them of depravity, indecent behavior and immorality. And all with the same goal - to gain power over the thoughts and actions of as many people as possible.

At the same time, neither politicians nor clergymen objected to sex in animals. And not at all because animals are not people, but because as a result of sex the animals produced offspring - the number of game in the forests and the number of domestic animals in herds increased. So, it was possible to demand large donations and large taxes from people accused of sin.

Manipulating sex is something that animals never thought of. It is purely human - to deprive another person of something, make him suffer and thus gain greater power over him.