The world and humans for students and their parents

How did God come about?

From the book by Andrey Sokolov and Tatiana Sokolova "The world and humans for students and their parents".

How did God come about?

Scientists cannot say for sure when and how God appeared. Or rather, the gods. After all, there were many gods in the history of mankind. But scientists do not have reliable evidence of the existence of even one of these gods.

Theology of God is the lot of priests and other ministers of religious cults. They know exactly when and how their gods appeared. They generally know everything about God.

The problem is that the ministers of the cult, when speaking about God, refer to books that other ministers of the cult of this God have written. And they consider this to be the main proof. At the same time, the books that were written by the ministers of another cult about another God, they consider a lie.

This is not a very scientific approach. Science is always proof.

We will not argue whether God exists or not. Let's not say which God is true and which is false. We believe that the reader of this book is already smart enough to solve this question for himself.

We will only describe some facts well known to historians.

Since ancient times, people have built places of worship. Scientists are aware of numerous houses, buildings, premises and even caves where religious rites were performed. Surely you have seen such structures too - these are churches, chapels, cathedrals, mosques, synagogues, monasteries and temples.

For the inhabitants of Mesoamerica, the Aztecs and the Mayans, pyramids served for these purposes. The ancient Greeks and Romans erected temples and altars in honor of the gods. African tribes, Celtic Druids, and all sorts of other pagan tribes who believe in a wide variety of gods, performed their sacrifices and religious rites in the open air.

And then the question immediately arises. And how many Gods are there?

And no one has an answer to this question.

The Jews believe that God is one, his name is Yahweh (although this name, as they believe, cannot be written).

Muslims also believe that God is one, but his name is Allah.

Christians (Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Mormons, Protestants, Lutherans, etc.) also believe that God is one. And his name is Jesus Christ.

And for many centuries Jews, Christians and Muslims have quarreled and even waged war with each other because only their God is correct, and other gods are false.

And there is one curious problem here.

The fact is that no one had heard of the existence of God Yahweh before the advent of Judaism and the sacred book for the Jews - the Old Testament. The ancient Egyptians did not know about this God, but had many gods - Amon, Anubis, Bast, Ra, but there was no Yahweh.

The Sumerians, the inhabitants of Mesopotamia, did not know about this God either. They did not even know about the gods of Ancient Egypt - Ancient Egypt did not exist then.

The ancient Greeks, who lived long before the appearance of the Old Testament, did not know about the Jewish god - they believed in the god Kronos, the god Zeus, the gods Apollo, Aphrodite, Athena, Hermes and many others.

For the time being, they did not know anything about God, which is written in the Old Testament and the ancient Romans - they had their own gods - Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and many others.

The ancient tribes of the Aztecs and Mayans did not know about a single European God. The Celtic druids and Vikings also did not know anything about Allah and about Jesus Christ.

The Hindus did not know about these gods either. They had their own Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Indra, Lakshmi ... About which the ancient Romans, Jews, Egyptians or Greeks knew nothing.

The Phoenicians and Minos, Indo-Aryans and Indians, ancient Chinese and Slavs did not know about all these gods. But they all knew about other gods.

And here is what an interesting point is revealed in all this polytheism.

We learn about the gods of ancient Egypt from historians and archaeologists. There is not a single priest, minister of the cult of the god Amun or Anubis who would tell us about these gods.

Ancient Egypt disappeared, temples collapsed, the servants of the cults of these gods died of old age and disease, and immediately these gods themselves disappeared somewhere, remaining only on the pages of fiction books or in the treatises of scientists.

And the same story happened with the gods of Ancient Greece, the gods of Ancient Rome, the gods of the Maya and Aztecs. No one worships these gods in the ruins of Greek and Roman temples, does not offer sacrifices on the tops of the Mayan or Aztec pyramids. Together with the Sumerians, the Sumerian gods disappeared, together with the druids, the Celtic deities disappeared.

But even more interesting is how the gods sometimes disappeared literally in an instant, obeying the will of man.

So the Roman gods disappeared overnight when Emperor Constantine decided that God would now be one - Jesus. The same thing happened with the numerous pagan gods of the Slavs, when Prince Vladimir decided to change his faith and admit that God is one and his name is Christ. And right there, for Vladimir, the gods Perun, Khors and Dazhbog disappeared, in which he had believed before.

And not only with the gods of princes and emperors such transformations took place. They also happened to the Jewish God when a Jew decided to change the synagogue for a church. They happened to the Christian God, when a Christian instead of a church began to go to the mosque, having converted to Islam. People, ordinary people, many times during the history we know, changed their faith, changed their God or gods. And at the same moment, the old gods for this person actually ceased to exist.

Almost all religious ministers believe that their God or gods are omnipotent, omniscient, and eternal. And at the same time, here and there, throughout the history of mankind known to scientists, people easily change one deity to another, turning out to be stronger and more powerful than this deity.

And for many centuries it constantly happened that the omnipotent, omniscient, formidable, immortal and omnipotent gods disappeared as soon as for they ceased to offer sacrifices, pray, perform ritual acts and build temples.

And throughout history, new gods arose here and there, as soon as people began to believe in them and perform religious rites.