The world and humans for students and their parents

How did the weapon appear?

From the book by Andrey Sokolov and Tatiana Sokolova "The world and humans for students and their parents".

How did the weapon appear?

At first, weapons appeared for hunting. With its help, people got their own food - meat, killing animals. Then they found out that people from a neighboring tribe can also die from this weapon, just like antelope or deer. And people began to fight.

In order to kill as many other people as possible, in order to do it faster, in order to do it from a safe distance for themselves, people began to improve hunting tools.

Military bows, swords and spears became less and less suitable for getting food and more and more for killing other people.

The more people were driven by greed or hatred, the more bloody and useless for anything other than war, they invented weapons.

The hunting bow turned into a rifle, machine gun and cannon.

Peaceful car and tractor turned into a tank.

The dream is to fly like a bird - into a fighter, attack aircraft and bomber.

There was no way back. By turning an instrument of labor into a weapon, man made it unfit for anything other than war.

A tank cannot plow a field, and a bomber cannot transport tourists.

There is a very widespread myth that military science, the military industry, or, in short, war, contributes to the development of progress.

The mere statement that war promotes progress is nonsense in itself. Progress is creation. War is destruction.

Nevertheless, at least in the USSR, there was a widespread opinion that it was necessary to invest funds and efforts in the military industry. This was argued by the fact that the military industry will act as the locomotive of the economy and science. But is it really so. Can the military clique be a locomotive? Or is it still a brake?

On closer examination, it turns out that the military is always a dead-end branch of the development of any science and a brake on the economy.

And here one does not even need to cite the atomic bomb as an example - the dead end of nuclear energy and the destruction of any other economy, and even life. Military inventions, or rather modernization, have always been a dead-end path, both for science and for the economy. Not to mention people's lives.

Prehistoric tribes invented knives for skinning and butchering animal carcasses. Those. for the peaceful preparation of food and clothing.

And only after the invention of the knife for peaceful purposes, the Greeks, Romans and other civilizations modernized it, turning it into a sword - a weapon of war and murder.

But the military did not invent the knife. The military modernized the knife to a dead end sword in terms of progress. The military sword did not turn into anything, did not advance progress and science. He used the accumulated skills and knowledge, but did not create new ones.

Ax was also originally invented for peaceful purposes - foraging for food, building fishing boats, housing houses, and storing food supplies.

The military only adapted the already invented ax for their destructive and bloody needs - for murder. And for the ax, as an invention, military modernization also turned out to be a dead end. The military ax has not undergone transformation into anything peaceful.

The wheel was once also invented by the Sumerians not at all for war, but for the transportation peaceful goods.

The military adapted the wheel to the chariots. But the military didn't reinvent the wheel. Their modernization of the Sumerian wheel did not lead to the emergence of a fundamentally new peaceful transport.

And in the case of the wheel, its military use again proved to be a dead end for progress.

Thanks to the peaceful invention - the ax, people began to invent and build peaceful boats for food and settlement throughout the Earth. And again, the military only adapted the peaceful invention, creating warships on their basis.

And wherever we look, a peaceful invention always precedes its military use.

So it was with the sails - even among the Vikings, the first sailing drakars were merchant ships, not military landing ships.

The first steamer, driven by a motor instead of sails, was also peaceful and passenger.

Even gunpowder, it seems the most military of all possible inventions, was originally invented in China for the holidays and entertainment - for holiday fireworks. And they invented it as a medicine. The cure didn't work, but the fireworks did. And for many years the gunpowder remained "peaceful" until the military noticed it and took it away for murder.

The military could not even come up with gunpowder. They only once again adapted the peaceful invention for their own purposes.

A motorcycle, a car, an airplane - all this was first invented for peaceful purposes. Everything was intended for the movement and travel of civilians. And again, the military reworked the peaceful invention for their own purposes. But they did not invent anything fundamentally new. And again, their inventions and innovations turned out to be a dead end both for science and for peaceful life, for the economy and the quality of life of people.

Armored car, armored personnel carrier, infantry fighting vehicles - a dead-end branch of the development of the automotive industry. Nothing peaceful, no progress followed from these inventions.

The fighter, attack aircraft and bomber did not become a model or impetus for the development of peaceful aircraft. Moreover, if peaceful transport could still be converted into military, then military into peaceful - never. Again a dead end.

Scientists have come up with a peaceful tractor - the military made a dead-end tank for progress out of it.

Scientists have invented railways and trains to transport coal, people, and all kinds of peaceful goods. The military turned carriages and steam locomotives into a dead-end armored train for progress.

The Wright brothers built the aircraft for civilian purposes.

Ford, Daimler and Benz created vehicles for peaceful travel and buyers.

The Stephenson and Trevithick invented steam locomotives for freight and passenger transport.

Ramsey and Fitch made steamers for ordinary people, not for the military.

Wherever we look, we will see that important scientific inventions and achievements always lie in the peaceful area and it is in it that ensure the progress of mankind.

And the military always take a peaceful invention as a basis and attach a cannon, machine gun or armor to it and pass it off as a scientific breakthrough. But in reality, this is a dead end, and the stories of the military are a lie to justify the gigantic military expenditures - money and labor of people thrown into the pipe and disappeared in the flames of explosions.

The basis of civilization - paper and printing were created without connection with the war. They were invented by scientists to transfer knowledge. The military would never have thought of inventing paper or a printing press. Where to attach a gun to it?

Radio and television were born in the laboratories of scientists without military assistance. Born to save lives, communicate and entertain people.

Even the Internet was originally conceived by scientists without the involvement of the military. Conceived, developed, experimentally confirmed.

It was only when the technology was ready that the military invested taxpayer money in it. Those. again - not invented by the military and not for war, but by scientists for the world.

And even if we believe for a moment that we owe the Internet to the military, then even the military developed this technology for defensive purposes, and not for dead-end, from the point of view of science and progress, offensive weapons - tanks, bombers and machine guns.

Do not believe in military myths. It is fraught with corpses, grief and blood. Everything that the military uses was first invented by scientists and inventors for peaceful purposes. And only then it was adapted for military needs.